International orders

If you are fulfilling orders outside of the UK, you should first enter a commodity code and shipping description for every product in the store in the products section of the app.

The service codes in the country section of the app contain the default values and do not normally need to be changed.

Connect to the API

Before you can begin fulfilling orders, you must first connect to the DPD API using the login details provided by DPD on the settings page.

To obtain the API login details, contact DPD Logistics directly on 0121 647 0966 or email

When entering the login details you can select either the production or test environment. 

When using the test account, an order will not be physically despatched by DPD and it won't be fulfilled in Shopify. Some features such as the inventory and tracking numbers will not be available.

When you are ready to go live, disconnect from the API and connect again using the production environment.

Next steps

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