Dashboard overview

The dashboard overview shows a summary of all browser sessions. A session uniquely identifies a person visiting the store.

The app will automatically begin collecting data from the time that it is installed.


The summary displays:

  • the session token.
  • the name of the customer, if known.
  • the number of pages visited.
  • the number of times the cart was updated.
  • the date and time of the first visit.
  • the total duration of all page views.

To view session data within a specific time range, use the date range selector above the table.

To filter the data, click the filter button and update it to your requirements.

To export the data as a CSV file, click the export button. The data to be exported will represent that currently displayed in the table (by date range and filter). The report will sent by email to the stores email address.

To view more detailed data on a browser session, click the session token. This will display a more detailed view of the session including:

  • a timeline view of everything the visitor has done on the store front.
  • detailed insights.
  • analysis of the top viewed pages, collections and products.
  • The products in the customers cart.

The store analysis shows an overview of the top ten viewed pages, collections, products, landing and exit pages.

The data in the report is also filtered by the same date range as the browser session table.