Creating a sense of urgency online

 Imagine this scenario for a second...

You’ve spent a copious amount of time meticulously researching, building, testing & tweaking your beloved Shopify store. You’ve got a solid marketing plan in place and finally, the time has come to open the doors and release your digital baby to the world. To your delight, traffic comes flooding in - It’s a miracle…but hold on, where are all the sales?

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, those pesky conversion killers can come from numerous places but one of the main issues most eCommerce professionals come unstuck with is creating a sense of urgency online!

What is Urgency?

Urgency is when a customer feels like they need to act quickly. It’s the feeling that whatever they are looking at is highly desirable and therefore, immediate action should be taken. There are three key parts involved within urgency:

Importance - In order for something to be urgent it has to be important.

Time - Urgency tells customers to act now!

Feeling - Urgency is a feeling and the great news is, as Shopify store owners, you can be in control of creating this feeling within your customer’s minds.

What are the benefits of creating urgency?

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Build customer’s trust
  • Notify customers of low stock or a limited time offer

All this sounds great, doesn’t it? Wait a second…before you start bringing out the scare tactics - there’s a big difference between fear and urgency.

The key to creating urgency is more about understanding the psychology behind customer behaviour and how to overcome those barriers people put up while shopping online.

Start with the basics…

The first thing we need to do is clearly INFORM our customer of the service or product we are providing. We do this by providing as much information about the product or service as possible using short, snappy, informative and persuasive copy. It’s also crucial to use high-quality images across your website to firstly show the customer exactly what they are buying and secondly to ensure a professional brand image online.

The second thing we need to do is REASSURE our customer with company & product reviews, easily accessible FAQs pages and a comprehensive 'About Us' page on your website.

Thirdly, it has to be EASY. Don’t overcomplicate the sales process with confusing options, long forms and unnecessary pages or pop-ups. A nice clean checkout with sizzling hot CTA's will work wonders for your conversion rate.

Introducing the Urgency app…

Once the previous steps have been followed, it’s time to put the icing on that conversion cake with the Urgency app.  

Urgency is a high-powered sales tool that combines an easy to use interface with a range of persuasive countdown timers to make sure you’re maximising revenue through your store.

How does a countdown timer benefit my store?

By adding a countdown timer to your Shopify store, whether that be on a product page or checkout - this gives your potential customers the visual reinforcement that they need to act fast and convert.

How can a countdown timer be used?

  • Countdown to a sale ending
  • Countdown to a discount code expiry
  • Countdown until cart expiry

Installation and set-up takes no longer than 5 minutes, so you can start creating Urgency on your online store in no time at all.

Every timer is fully customisable; with six different timer styles all with a variety of options so you can create something really unique. With that, you also have the ability to add colours, text & a progress bar so your timer perfectly synchronises with your brand & Shopify store.

It really is as simple as that - so download the app today and start seeing your conversion rate skyrocket!

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